FL Sex Offender Resources

Registration – All sex offenders and predators must register vehicle information (such as VIN number, license plate number, make, model, year, and color) of all vehicles driven, insured on, titled, or parked at their address.  You must also report all phone numbers, internet identifiers, employment information, home address.  Any changes must also be reported.  Some offenders may update phone numbers, internet identifiers, and employment information online via the FDLE Cyber Communication System. There are strict guidelines and time frames in which changes must be reported.  Click “General Requirements” for details

Driver’s License/State ID – Immediately after registering a new address with the sheriff’s, you must report to the local DMV to obtain a Driver’s License or State ID card.  Failure to do so will result in a 3rd degree felony.  Bring 2 forms of address verification such as your lease, and registration paperwork from sheriffs office.  Veterans may get DMV service fee portion of cost waived.  Depending on which DMV you go to, try to make an appointment online or by phone prior to visiting.

Residency restrictions – In orange county, not all sexual offenders/predators have a restriction on where they can live.  Depending on which sex crime, when, and where the crime occurred, if the offender has supervision, will determine if there is a restriction.  Residency Restrictions

Sexual Predator Designation – Certain offenders may be erroneously designated as a sexual predator.  The designation is attached to an offender by a criteria of offenses or circumstances that occurred.  It is not something a court can choose to label someone as without all of the criteria being met.  Florida Sexual Predators Act

Probation – Offenders may have additional or varying stipulations. standard Sex Offender Probation Terms

Electronic Monitoring while on Probation– Certain criteria must be met before an offender is subject to mandatory electronic monitoring while on probation.   If the crime was committed prior to September 1, 2005, there must be a court order for electronic monitoring.  If the crime was committed on or after September 1, 2005, there may still be criteria to exempt the probationer from mandatory monitoring.  Section (3)

Use of internet by sex offenders on probation – Effective for probationers and community controllees whose crime is committed on or after July 1, 2005, there will be a prohibition on accessing the Internet until a safety plan is executed by an approved therapist.  Typically older cases do not have an internet restriction.  Section (1) (h)

County Lines – Maps of various counties can be found on your local property appraiser website.  Offenders on supervision must be very careful not to accidentally leave their county without permission.  Official Map of Orange County can be located on Orange County Property Appraiser.

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