Diverse Housing offers Ex Felon and Sex Offender Probation housing in Orlando, Orange County, Florida.

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Every day there is an increasing number of people with backgrounds who cannot find desirable housing. We do our best to restore livelihood by offering suitable housing options. Whether you are a sex offender or ex felon we will do our best to satisfy your housing needs. Diverse Housing has been helping individuals and families of ex offenders since June of 2017.

Living restrictions eliminate the majority of locations that a sex offender can reside. Finding an address that satisfies requirements for supervision or FDLE is a process and commonly takes days to weeks for a “yes” or “no.” Frequently addresses will be denied because there is a home day care, school, or park nearby. Then you have to go on to another address and the process starts over. If your loved one is being released from a prison or jail, please do yourself and him a favor by starting your search at least 1-2 months prior to their release date. Diverse Housing does have rooms that obey the rules of Probation and FDLE. Address verification takes place on our end before we accept deposits.

Having an approved address prior to release is a critical step in all re-entry plans. Prisons need even more time to investigate and approve addresses so please take that into consideration. We also communicate with classification at the correctional facilities if necessary.

Sex offender housing

Bedrooms are private rooms intended for single occupancy. Furnishings are available upon request at no extra cost. All houses have a washer and dryer on-site, shared kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. Select houses have Digital Cable and High Speed Internet access included. Master bedrooms normally have a half or full bath attached. Housing manager will make regular stops at the houses to ensure overall cleanliness, check on tenants, and perform routine maintenance. Even though all rentals are a month-to-month, the majority of tenants stay long term. Pricing varies by room/house and usually averages around $600 per month. Diverse Housing was started on the belief that we can offer better housing options. We do our best to mimic traditional living standards and refuse to condone inhumane conditions that people are being forced to endure.

Here is a helpful list of questions to ask prospective landlords:
Do you have a processing fee?
Is there a washer and dryer?
How many people are living in the house?
How many people are sharing a bathroom?
Ask to visit the house or room…and
Inspect the cleanliness of the house
Check the condition of the furnishings
Do you see any signs of drug activity, pest problems, or even outstanding maintenance items?

Need more assistance? Check out our resources page for more information on residency restrictions and the rules of Sex offender Probation