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Diverse Housing offers rooms to individuals with felony backgrounds or sex offender living restrictions.

Homes are located throughout Orlando and the Orange County area. Living restrictions for a sex offender can be very harsh. A lot of research and planning is required when searching for a location that satisfies these requirements. Address verification has already taken place before we even offer a room for rent and proceed to accept payment. Standard non sex offender rooms are also available. Diverse Housing understands the long list of challenges ex-offenders and their families face and housing should not be at the top.

Having an approved address PRIOR to release is a critical step for an inmate to successfully re-enter society. Prisons need time to investigate and approve an inmates release address. After you pay the required deposit for a room, our housing manager will confirm and coordinate the inmate’s release plan with the classification department at his or her prison.

Sex offender housing


Diverse Housing is able to aid with the transitional process by offering a clean and comfortable living space. Bedrooms are single occupancy and have a keyed door lock for privacy and peace of mind. Furnishings are available upon request. All of our houses have a washer and dryer on-site making daily life much easier. The kitchen, dining area, and bathroom is shared between tenants. Regular house checks are common to perform maintenance and ensure tenant compliance and satisfaction. Rentals are a month-to-month term and typically renew automatically. Pricing can vary by room size, amenities, and availability.

Residency restriction for persons convicted of certain sex offenses:
2016 Florida Statute 775.215